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2019 Great Lakes Conference

2019 Great Lakes Conference


Great Lakes Conference 2019

Rooted in Health & Education

Approximately 117 million people suffer from chronic conditions. Although these are devastating numbers, it’s also our greatest opportunity.

How many of these people need your help?

What if...

You had better tools? A better fundamental understanding of the underlying causes of today’s most ruthless challenges? A more systematic, efficient,
and effective approach?

The Great Lakes Conference is a breakthrough opportunity for leading healthcare practitioners in addressing the cause, identifying the most effective therapies, and implementing solid protocols for patients suffering from today’s chronic conditions.

What is included:

Chad Oler - Taming the Silent Killer: Advanced Techniques to Address High Blood Pressure
Charles Sefcik
– Recharging A Dying Battery: Simple, Effective Ways to Energize Your Patients
Jeffrey Kotulski – Debunking the Myths of Cancer
Kurt Waples – The Quantum Nature of the Thyroid
Pat Luse – The 7 Pillars of Health
Jocelyn Strand – Botanical Medicines in Complex, Multi-Pathogen Disease
Robert Silverman – A Functional Approach to the Blood-Brain Barrier in Health and Trauma

Kristi Hughes – Genetic Testing - Truly Personalized Medicine for the Integrative Healthcare Practitioner

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